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Perfect eyebrows, perfect eyeliner and perfect lips. All day. Every day.

Beauty And Wellness Clinic offers exclusive and reputable professional makeup service in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, based on the revolutionary Micropigmentation technique.
Our success comes from our superior customer service and unique artistic skills. With over 4 locations across the Greater Toronto Area, our permanent makeup services are designed to improve your personal image, confidence and amplifying your natural looking beauty and facial features.

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Are you a candidate for Microblading?  To anyone who has a lack of brow, no arch, no shape, over-tweezed, needs definition, has scaring, uses an eyebrow pencil, powder or shadow to fill in… the answer is YES!

Microblading is a semi permanent way for you to have the smudge proof, sweat proof, PERFECT brow that you will wake up with every morning.

Microblading allows for the technician to create individual hair strokes that blend perfectly with what you may or may not already have for a brow.  It uses a manual hand held tool that allows pigment to be implanted under the skin and can last anywhere from 1-3 years.

Microblading is truly an art, allowing every stroke to be planned and applied individually, giving the technician control over the shape, colour and density of the brows.


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